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Water electroplating and vacuum ion plating the advantages and disadvantages of the two processes

A .simple, vacuum plating, but UV oil, its adhesion is poor, can not be over hundred cells TEST water plating was significantly better than the vacuum plating! Therefore, in order to ensure the adhesion of the vacuum plating, are required to follow the special spraying treatment, cost of course be higher.
B. Water Electroplating colors than monotonous, generally only satin and ADB few flash of silver, blue magic, cracks, water droplets, silver and a variety of color and powerless. Vacuum plating seven color can solve the problem.
C,.water plating coating material used hexavalent chromium, this is a non-environmentally friendly materials. "Hexavalent chromium" the following requirements:Such stringent requirements, some domestic manufacturers have begun to try to use trivalent chromium instead of hexavalent chromium "; widely vacuum plating coating material, easy to comply with environmental requirements. Simple point, vacuum coating is in a vacuum state will be coated is deposited on the surface of the workpiece surface treatment technology in the film material of the surface of the product through the plasma ionization. It has a vacuum evaporation deposition, sputtering plastic coating, the plastic coating an ion plating, etc., to obtain these deposition methods in a variety of ways: electrical heating, ion beam, the vacuum coating electron beam coated by DC sputtering, magnetron sputtering, IF sputtering, RF construction, pulse sputtering, microwave enhanced plasma, multi-arc is a variety of methods can be based on the needs and conditions of economic and technological consider the choice of coating equipment.

Relative to the traditional wet hair plating, vacuum plating has the following advantages:
1. the deposition material may be deposited on the low potential the wet plating of aluminum, titanium, zirconium, etc. Can not be deposited metal, Division I-pass to the reaction gas and the alloy target can be deposited from the alloy to the ceramic or even a diamond coating, and The coating system can be designed.
2. metal material savings: As vacuum coating adhesion, density, hardness, corrosion resistance, etc. is quite excellent, the deposition coating can be far less than conventional wet Electroplate to achieve the purpose of saving.
3. Environmental pollution: plastic coating all coating materials are deposited on the workpiece table by plasma in a vacuum environment
Faces, no solution pollution, so harmful to the environment is quite small. However, due to the vacuum and plasma Division I equipment Precision expensive plastic coating and deposition processes lies in the hands of a small number of technical personnel, electronic coating not a lot of promotion, investment and day-to-day production and maintenance costs expensive, but as society continues to progress, vacuum plating advantages will become increasingly evident in some industries is the trend to replace traditional wet plating.